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Did You Know We Offer A Mint Condition Guarantee?

You know I love what you love, born "juuust a bit outside" the 80's I was raised on the classic action movies of this golden era with my favourite heroes like Arnie, Stallone and Van Damme. Ooo don't forget Mr Yippie Kai Yeah Willis. i'm pretty sure I have seen every 80's movie growing up at least half a dozen times. (Oooo hang on I forgot Harrison Ford and Rutger Hauer just popped into my head :)

Anyway point is, I love the 80's & 90's and I am a collector just like you. As a collector I know how important it is to have that mint condition item, to have the confidence that when you make the choice to buy you know the person on the other end is going to carefully check your item for imperfections and to wrap your item in bubble wrap ready for shipping.

That’s what we do and now we can Guarantee it! See the Mint Condition Guarantee page for more details.

Happy Collecting :)

Mint Condition Guarantee

Tomb Raider Temple of Osiris Lara Croft Statue

What a fantastic statue.Produced by Gaming Heads, this 45cm Lara Croft statue is made from polystone resin. Highley Limited to just 1,000 pieces worldwide.

Our Collectable thoughts? May set you back a few hundred pounds but a good investment at that low limited number. Will go up in price in a few months.

We had 6 of those 1,000 and with only 2 left and I'm seriously considering taking one of those home.

Lara Croft 1

Lara Croft 2

Lara Croft 3


We've Added a New Terminator Section to the Site

We love the Terminator series here at Retro and we know a lot of our customers do too, that’s why we’ve just launched a brand-new Terminator section under our TV & Movies category on the main homepage.

We’ve got new figures and memorabilia coming in all the time so make sure you stop by and have a look!

As always, if there's anything you'd like to see, go ahead and let us know in the comments below -we're always interested to hear your feedback!


What's New for Sideshow in 2017 and 2018?

Following on from our write-up on Hot Toys’ new figures, we’ve just uploaded a cool new article on Sideshow Collectibles and the exciting offerings we can all expect to see from them over the next few months -grab a brew, get comfy and enjoy!

Life Size Sideshow Iron Suit


*** Aliens Series 2 Has Been Discontinued ***

Aliens Series 2 is now discontinued

The second series in NECA Toys successful re-launch of our Aliens product line brings collectors three amazing new figures. has now been discontinued.

Sad to see this one go as it's one of my favourites, also after someone explained to me at comic who the Craig Windrix figures was. (based on the real life brother of one of Neca's sculptors who sadly died of cancer.

So no more series 2, once sold out we can't get any more as NECA is no longer producing them.

This series includes my personal favourite of the 35th anniversary 1979 Alien movie Xenomorph, the "blue" Alien Warrior and of course the hart felt Craig Windrix figure.

You can still buy the full set of Aliens series 2 or individually while stock lasts. If you only want 1, get the Masked Scar it's way more popular and stock is running low.

The set of 3 Figures from aliens series 2

What's New From Hot Toys Late 2017?

Everybody's favourite sixth scale action figure company, Hot Toys have an exciting list of new releases. We've singled out a few of our favourites for special consideration, so come and see what you think.

Let us know what you're most excited about in the comments below!

Wonder Woman by Hot Toys


Rocky 1976 Movie Overview

Released in 1976, directed by John G. Avildsen and featuring a highly memorable score by Bill Conti, Rocky is a true classic and a must-see for anyone calling themselves a fan of cinema.


A lot of people know that Sylvester ‘Sly’ Stallone wrote Rocky, but what a lot of people don’t realise is how closely the protagonist’s life mirrors its star’s. It was a chance question on the way out after an unsuccessful casting call that gave Stallone the chance he needed to get his script in front of people...Read the full article of Rocky Movie Facts

Have you got any interesting trivia about the first Rocky movie? If so we'd love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave those and any other comments in the box below!


Predator Series 15 now discontinued

The popular series 15 of NECA's longest running line is coming to an end and has now been discontinued.

This means once we have sold out we won't be able to re-stock as NECA is no longer producing them.

This series included the popular Masked Scat predator so grab one quick before they are gone!

You can still buy the full set of series 15 or individually while stock lasts. If you only want 1, get the Masked Scar it's way more popular and stock is running low.

Group image of the three Predator series 15 Figures

Birmingham Comic Con March 2017

Birmingham Comic Con March 2017

Well Birmingham Comic is now over and it made us all happy to get out there and meet so many of you, just like you we love talking about the Alien movies, retro stuff and all things collectable.

It's a a very long weekend for us, starting the week before sorting out all the cool things we are going to take along to the show. On the Friday we setup from about 11am, we finished at 6pm and went to the pub for a well earned pint.

Saturday arrives and we park a mile away from the show like you guys and make the long walk with a life size E.T. and Gremlin stunt puppet. After many photos from onlookers on the way we get into the show and wait for it to open.

While we wait i get the chance to walk around and see some exciting things. With the main signings opposite our stand we see Starsky and Hutch, Billy Piper and Red Dwarf cast will be signing over the weekend, also there is that red Gran Torino Starsky Car parked here.


Iv been to a few Comic Cons including London and Toronto Canada but i can say Birmingham Comic Con has some fantastic cosplay, way more people dressed up than London i think.

Checkout this deadpool

A very exciting show, I feel really at home during the Comic Con weekend with all the likeminded people around.

See you all in November

Top 10 Harry Potter Moments

1) “You’re a wizard, Harry” – this probably has to be my favourite scene in the Philosopher’s Stone.  It’s when Harry first gets introduced to the wizarding world and where his friendship with Hagrid is first established.

2) When Harry and Ron stole the flying car in the Chamber of Secrets, I just think it’s the true beginning of their mischievous ways

3) Harry finally unleashes his patronus in Prisoner of Azkaban and fights off hundreds of Dementors, which earlier in the film we were led to believe was his father.  This spell proves his immense magical ability that we would see progress throughout the series.

4) The graveyard scene in Goblet of fire – we finally got to meet the big, dark, bad in the flesh.  Also poor old Cedric was murdered, which just started the dark turn the series was about to take.

5) The prophecy which we are shown in Order of the Phoenix, is where we finally learn Voldemort’s obsession with Harry.  “Either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives” so basically Harry was going to have to fight himself and risk dying in the process.  This really set the tone for the following chapters of the series.

6) Let’s not forget the bombshell that the chosen one could have actually been Neville Longbottom – both born at the end of July and both had parents in the Order of the Phoenix.  This is possibly why Neville turned into such a badass in the Deathly Hallows, and of course not forgetting he destroyed the final horcrux (Nagini) leading to the destruction of Voldemort.

7) Dumbledore dies in the Half Blood Prince – I don’t have much else to say about that.

8) We finally see Snape’s secret in the Deathly Hallows, which shows us he was the hero we always hoped he would be.  Always.

9) “Come on Tom, let’s finish this the way we started it… Together!”  This just highlights how unafraid of Voldemort Harry really is.  The only other person to ever refer to him as Tom was Dumbledore.

10) Dobby in the Deathly Hallows was so much better than when we first saw him in Chamber of Secrets – “Dobby has no master. Dobby is a free elf, and Dobby has come to save Harry Potter and his friends!”.